HB Casting Components

Company Profile

HB Industries Unit II is TS 16949:2009 Cerified Company, owned by HB Group. The Unit produces customised castings & pipe fittings. Being in the foundry business since 1976 we are proud of our core competency to achieve grades with grater accuracy. The Unit is spread over an are of 65000sq ft with an installed monthly capacity of 400 Metric Tonnes and can be scaled upto 1500 Metric Tonnes. The foundry plant is DISA engineered with automatic sand plant,Arpa 450pair and automatic Disa shot blast machines. The unit also has in house machining facilities with a range of conventional machines, CNC & VMC. Machining also happens to be our investment focus as we plan to rapidly invest & grow in this are in the coming years. In addition the unit has heat treatment & hot dip galvanising facility. We have associations with precision machining houses to supply any casting in fully machined condition. Any place is as good as its people and as such we have invested and developed a skilled, dedicated workforce with an overall focus on lean operations and waste elimination.

Product Capability

Machined Graded Castings in Ductile Iron, Cast Iron & Malleable Iron: Housing of all kinds, Flywheels, Wheels Hubs, Differential Carrier, Bearing Caps, Cages, Clutch, Actuator Guides, Shift Carrier, Pedestals, Brake Drums, Pump Body, Valves, Pipe Fittings & Scaffoldings.

Weight Range- 100grams to 75 kilograms
Dimension Range- upto 650 x 500 x 500 mm

Target Market

Companies Consuming Customised Machined iron casting namely the following sectors:- Automotive, Construction, Earth Moving, Farm Sector, Industrial-Pumps & Valves, Machinery Manufacturers, Power Genrator Manufacturer, Truck & Trailers, Oil & Gas.

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